PERIDOT.GIF--Our family That is a 256 color picture of my family. Peridot is a Shaded Silver Persian,
registered in CFA. The product of Ivyhill Pretty Boy of Silverstrand and Pretty Lady of Silverstrand, the only way to keep a little of each name was to name her Silverstrand Pretty Pretty Peridot of Aartchat.

As a cat fancier, sometimes I look at Cat Fanciers, or the CFA site.
I follow Facebook and G+.
Now I search with Google:

Back when, I liked
Search and Display the Results
AltaVista for searches. The Yahoo Yellow Pages are good if you can tolerate the ads. There is free and shareware software at WalnutCreek CDROM . As a SAS programmer I use: Once I wrote the PG&E Web Tariff Book and the SAS-L FAQ (an e-mail FAQ--look for it with DejaNews ). I receive mail at T B w e b @ (works better if you take out the spaces).

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Here is the family page .